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Jaymes Young - Infinity
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Jaymes YoungInfinity

baby, this love
I'll never let it die
can't be touched by no one,
I'd like to see him try
I'm a mad man for your touch
girl, I've lost control
I'm gonna make this last forever
don't tell me it's impossible chorus: (2x)
'cause I love you for infinity
I love you for infinity oh darling, my soul
you know it aches for your's
and you've been filling this hole
since you were born
'cause you're the reason I believe in fate
you're my paradise
and I'll do anything to be your love
or be your sacrifice [chorus] (2x) meet me at the bottom of the ocean
where the time is frozen
where all the universe is open
love isn't random, we are chosen
and we could wear the same crown
keep slowing your heart down
we are the gods now [chorus] (2x)
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