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Bones - Thehealingfields
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sick animals deceased, ridin' interstates
off the truck to the market then your dinner plate
and you think you clean
none of my labels read bht
plant based proteins
slow me like morphine
everything saturated
everything for me
for you if you want it to
I know its hard because the humans fucked up the loop
sick people spend money why the fuck you look astonished
what the fucks a business wanting other than profit bitch?
just breathe
don't think too deep
where the undertow heavy and the current don't leave
under trees where the shade bring safety
all my mother hoped was that I got home safely
bpa free bottles on the counter
too cashed as of lately
I don't wanna think about
I know what you sayin'
stop with the speakin' because I done heard everything
don't come to close to me boy I hurt anything
don't wanna be here but thank you for letting me
look in the mirror and think am I what's best for me
raised in the place where it's best if you die
nothing there's enough to keep you alive
even if you do find work
you'll still be living in a town made of dirt
fresh grains from the best plains
at the shows head-bangin' till its neck pain
next blunt, next night, then the next day
I'm cashed till I exit let me explain
no phone, no number, no conversation
blood creepin' through my veins with such contemplation
do we wanna let him live hell no
they could struggle till they go
but they'll never be bones
I know what you sayin'