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Army Of One Losing my self
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ViciousCircle Jedi Sentinel
Yeah hehe
That right, y'all know what time it is c'mon
See last year
Last year was telling us that were not gonna make it
But look at us now
Look at us now were living more than a dream
Jus look at what we have achieved
From rock bottom all the way to the top
Yeah that's right
Y'all feeling this hu

Oh everyday, I sit and pray
Is it only when you got troubles in your life
What can I say, show me the way
Its to late for that you have reached the end of your time
It ain't my fault it came to this
If only I had just one wish
I would have changed what I turned out to be
But in God I put my trust
Let the light shine down on us
All the time on me and my homies "me and my homies"
What goes up "up" must come down "down"
Trying not to lose my self
"Cause mama used to say if there's a will there's a way"

I'm dropping tears while I'm falling
I'm on the ground now I'm crawling
And I'm calling for you to save me
'Cause I'm losing my self
No one but you can ever save me
No one but you can near me
And it seems like it's getting a little closer
'Cause I'm losing myself

Since the day I'm born Islam is ma religion
I'm on the first division and I'll be snatching your mission, ha
Don't be acting now 'cause I've made my decision
Spyro the dragon keep it banging from the first session
So let it be, I got enough shots for my enemies
Islam is my lead don't call me arabi
Till the death of me, I'll be screaming out loud blood running though ma mouth you see
When you see something scary coming run to it
Cause that's the only way you'll be avoiding it
I'm, not trying to make it and I'm not trying to fake it
All I'm doing is spitting the truth you better face it
Corruption that is, we living in a mess
Burning catalyst surrounded by acids and gas
Blasts, in the news, don't move don't choose
Muslims are dead they claiming they killing
They running with no clues, they're walking in the wrong shoes
Killing innocents claiming we win you lose
I'm waiting for the 12th stone that's when I see you gone
Boom boom, chachackchachak booom

I take a look at my life and see what I have achieved
Basically its nothing so my brain starts to freeze
At least that is what everybody got me to believe
I'm sick and tired of it all I'm falling on my knees
Tell me lord why
I can't take it no more
I got a demon inside of me and its taking control
Confess sinning is a pleasure and measure the load of pressure
Whenever I feel the terror my life is getting no better uh
When I look around (round)
See everybody down (down)
How am I supposed to feel when I got the haters in my bound (bound)
See I only live by my own damn rules
I don't trust no body and I got nothing to lose

Why should we live a life that's killing us
I try to do it all alone but its dangerous
I've been living a dream all my life to be someone
Now that the time has come I ain't stopping till I'm number one

Eyo, I got a little systematic and confronting the devil
And try not to be to dramatic what
The mind savior genocide behavior adversaries are caught up in a maze they can't save ya
Told ya to just sit back and relax
And put your seat belt on and stop trying to mack uh
Wrong villains do killings without no feelings
While chilling and sipping vine and many digging to kill me so
Let me tell you why I do it like that
Abort the mission hell no imma attack
Blast with passion
Mind twisted actions
Keep your enemies close within the inch of a fraction
My critics I tell them y'all so damn lame
I'm hit with th poison of society in my veins
You can't take me out I ain't dying in shame
Uh I'm so confused sometimes I forget my own name